Top Black Friday deals of 2017

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is generally considered as the day on which the holiday or Christmas shopping season commences. On this day, we find queues of customers assembled outside stores to grab the best deals, sales, and offers. On Black Friday, many stores open much earlier than their usual working hours, some even start their business at 12:00 am. In recent years, Black Friday has also spread to e-commerce sites, offering Black Friday sales, offers, discounts, attractive deals, and even free shipping before we even reach Friday. Retailers have testified to have recorded their highest profits on the Black Friday sale. The Friday after Thanksgiving gets the word Black attached to it is because the retailers would show their profits in black and losses in red. The term Black Friday came to be popular in the early 2000s as Black Friday took to the Internet to compete with the sales, deals, and offers offered in the brick-and-mortar stores.

This year, Black Friday is on November 23rd. Since it’s too early to find the Black Friday cell phone deals to be posted either on websites or physical stores, let us check out the 2017 Black Friday cell phone deals that were available on one Best Buy, which is one of the best brands in the country for such deals.

On Best Buy, a $300 off could be attained if the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was purchased via the Sprint and Verizon installment plans. Best Buy also gave the opportunity to avail a $200 off on the purchase of an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus if the device was bought using the AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon installment plans. They offered $150 off on the iPhone 6S while purchasing it through Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T installment plans. There was also an exciting Black Friday smartphone deal for buying the LG G6 through Sprint installment plans, which was for just about $120, otherwise priced at about $480. Similarly, the Moto Z2 Play could have been bought over at a price of about $192 via the Verizon installment plan, which otherwise would cost a good $408. Moreover, the Moto G Plus 64GB model was available at about $225 on the offers offered by Best Buy on the Black Friday cell phone deals, which usually was priced at $300.

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