Set up your own “fine dining” at home

Everyone savors food and good food is what has become an indispensable part of every celebration. Burgers and fries are okay when you have to go out with your friends but if you think of going to the same fast food joint to celebrate your parents’ anniversary, do not encourage that idea! There are plenty of fine dining places which are the right choice for such occasions. You wouldn’t want to propose marriage to your girlfriend at a fast food restaurant, would you? because ultimately it comes down to one thing- poise! So, what you can do is for such similar occasions is, book a table at some plush fine dining restaurant and celebrate your occasion there.

However, if you are low on the budget or you wish to make the dining experience slightly unconventional, you can set up your own fine dining restaurant at your home. This requires you to put in reasonable effort but the outcome would be a heartwarming one. Here are some tips to recreate fine dining experience right at home-

  • The Ambiance- What makes fine dining so special? Well, the atmosphere plays a major part in making your fine dining experience a memorable one. The ambiance is what makes you feel that you have visited an exquisite place. So, move your dinner table near the fireplace or if it’s a warm day, set up the entire table in the balcony or the backyard
  • The Lighting- The lighting has to be perfect! You do not want to ruin the ambiance you had striven so hard to set up. Candles are the perfect partner to your dining table. It helps set up a very romantic mood, but if you have some light besides the table, some Chinese lanterns or small table lamps, they would liven up the place. If you are dining in your backyard, some fairy lights would be a good addition to the decor
  • Linens- White is an elegant color and it’s advisable that you decorate your table with white linens and use white linen napkins as well. It gives your dining setup an elegant and chic look
  • Music- Music is what sets the mood for the evening. Opt for some sophisticated classical or jazz music
  • The food, wine and desserts- You have done everything to create the right dining ambiance, now is the judgement time. Your food has to be good, you wine chilled just right and your desserts mouth-watering

If you wish to create the perfect fine dine experience at home, these are some helpful tips that would enable you to create the perfect evening dinner for your companion. A word to the wise, do not forget to clean up!

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