Most essential body products for beautiful skin

Every year, we see new beauty products being introduced keeping in mind the changing environment. There is no point in sticking on to something that isn’t really giving you results. It is essential to let your skin breathe too, by flushing it of all impurities. Here are some bath and body products everyone should have in their toiletry bags:

Oil: The first step towards having a healthy skin is to make sure that the day long debris and dirt is removed from the skin’s surface. It is essential to apply a good quality oil and it is a must even before you go in for a cleanser. Applying oil tends to moisturize the skin, thus ending up loosening the dirt delicately from your skin.
Serum: If you need to tackle a specific skin care problem, then a good serum is the key, unlike moisturizers that only hydrate your skin. Highly concentrated serums penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering nutrients as well as hydration. It is important to purchase serum to you specific need. Hair serum is also an important product nowadays, whether it is to control the frizzy nature of the hair or before using heating products on the hair for styling it.
Exfoliator: Exfoliators are a sure thing for people who often travel as you skin is affected by heat and dust, thus losing its moisture. Every 30 days, a layer of dead skin cells is being formed over the outermost surface of the skin. This dead skin has to be scrubbed off with a help of an exfoliator. They help in speeding up new skin cells production and make your skin feel soft and fresh. Exfoliating also helps open up the pores, leaving your skin airy and clean rather than blocked with dirt and dust.
Body wash or body gel: A bath is a refreshing way to end your day and helping you lull into relaxing sleep. A great body wash is the right combination of fragrance and cleansing properties according to your skin type.
Body Butter: Body butter is similar to some skin moisturizers, and it contains cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil or any other vegetable based oil. It’s thicker than lotion and is extremely effective in rejuvenating dry skin and giving it a sheen. It treats dry and patched skin leaving it hydrated and moisturized for a long time. Body butters are rich in vitamins that provides necessary fatty acids for the skin and keeps it looking supple. After a bath, it is essential to apply body butter to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.

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