Laser treatment for nail fungus

A condition known as Onychomycosis is an infection which spreads in the nails of the patient. This can lead to a number of symptoms including pain, discoloration, the appearance of white specks and yellow patches, as well as other kinds of discomfort. Once these symptoms appear, it becomes imperative to carry out treatment of finger nail fungus to curb the spread of the infection and to restore the proper health of the nails. There is a host of remedies that one can carry out in this direction, including cleanliness and topical creams as well as oral anti fungal medication. One of the newest forms of nail fungal treatment includes the use of laser. Let us find out more about this method.

Surgery: This is one of the conventional forms of treatment that is required when the nail fugue has spread too deep inside for the topical creams to reach. In such cases, the doctor usually applies the medication deep under the nail with the help of surgical methods. While this kind of surgery can cause much discomfort and even pain, the new advances in medical science have ensured that the use of lasers for such surgeries can make the life of the patient easier with a more convenient form of treatment of nail fungus.

Light energy: Lasers work by emanating sufficient light energy in a particular wavelength. This is absorbed by the targeted area like the finger nails, which then absorbs the heat. The heat, in turn, works towards destroying the fungal tissue which caused the infection in the first place.

Fractional carbon dioxide: Another method of using laser as a remedy for nail fungus treatment is with the use of fractional carbon dioxide. This kind of laser usually burns through the nail plates and surface so that the anti fungal medication can quickly reach the depths where the infection may have percolated.

Lasers are an ideal way for treatment of finger nail fungus, yet one must keep in mind that the equipment used in such a procedure, makes it a rather expensive one.

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