Inspiring wall decorating ideas for your home

The first thing you notice when you enter a house, are the walls. You are instantly attracted to the things displayed proudly on the white washed walls. However, if the walls are blank as a new notebook, you don’t feel as attracted to the household at all. This is because wall decor gives a sense of attractiveness and the sense of home’. If you have a blank wall and have no idea what to do with it, fret not. Here are some spectacular wall decorating ideas for the perfect makeover!

First of all, the best wall decor you could buy are paintings. They catch the eye and give an artistic perspective to your home. It also permits the air of sophisticated and elegance and if you have an artistic streak that you would like to explore, you can promote your painting by simply hanging them for a great show.

Now who doesn’t like photographs? Another innovative idea is to simply hang pictures up in frames. You can arrange them to form different shapes like a circle or triangle. If you get bored you can quickly replace the photographs within the frame and spice up your home once again. On the same note, there is an idea such as splicing a photograph floating around. All you need to do is enlarge an image, split it into three parts, fill it in three frames and voila! Your wall is filled with a huge picture.

Another simple yet brilliant idea is to buy a huge bookshelf that covers the width and height of your blank wall. There you can fill it with books as well as little trinkets. It gives a museum kind of look with every eye-catchers on display. You can even fill it with vases containing flowers if you like or light up candles.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is this another decor idea after all? Mirrors are an amazing yet classic way to fill up a wall. Not only do they reflect sunlight and look beautiful, but also allow you to make sure not a hair is out of place.

Last but not the least, tapestries. Tapestries can be found at galleries or art shows. Rugs are often hung up as well, like tapestries, and who can blame them. Rugs are often to beautiful to be trampled upon, hence they can be used as showpieces. And once it is sour for your taste you can use it for its actual purpose – a rug!

These are some simple yet elegant ways for your wall. Stupendous interiors makes a great living!

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