Finding honest reviews on best mascaras of 2020

Every season there is a new mascara that gets launched by every cosmetic company that produces make-up. There are all kinds of advertisements that show the best mascara that is available today and celebrities endorsing them make you want to buy them too. But there is a good and bad to every make-up product that you buy. Here is how you can get the right reviews and then choose the best mascara of 2020 for yourself.

Make-up critics
Anyone who uses the products can become a critic with the Internet. There are various blogs that are dedicated to reviews on all make-up products including mascaras and the best mascara products. People giving first have reviews can be helpful when you decide to buy a mascara yourself. Some of the websites where you can find reviews are that are based out of US and UK are,,,, and more. These websites focus on more accurate reviews.

YouTube reviews
There are plenty of videos that users upload every minute about whatever they have bought, used and have an opinion about. To find the best mascaras of 2020, you can check out the latest mascaras of different brands and search them on YouTube. You can also refer to the comments section to get reviews on the reviews.

E-commerce website product reviews
Whenever you shop online, there is always a review section for every product. There are chances you may not find any review on some mascaras but the ones that are not too expensive and are famous, will have reviews most of the time. These reviews are mostly legit.

Print reviews
Magazines that are dedicated to make-up and beauty do talk about all the latest and up-coming make-up and beauty products. There are also sections that are for reviews by people who have an expertise in make-up and beauty. Most of these reviews are given by make-up artists who have the right judgement of a product. You can check out reviews of beauty products in popular magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Vogue US, Elle, and Glamour Magazine UK.

Things to consider while reading a review
While reading reviews before buying the best mascara of 2020 is quite helpful, you must understand what a review is pointing at. There could be many good and bad reviews on mascaras but you have to understand if the review actually caters to your need of not. One product will not be liked by everybody who uses it. Everybody will have their own views on the same mascara. Picking the right reviews is the key to pick the right mascara.

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