Best tablets for the artist in you

A good number of Americans today operate as digital nomads (artists included) and therefore we thought to put together a list of some of the best graphics tablets. But, before we venture there, there are a few things you should know about a good graphics tablet.


A minimum size of 8.5-inches would be ideal for a graphics tablet as it gives you enough room to work comfortably. While some brands like Wacom start with a screen size of 8.25 inches, there are others like Samsung tablets that come with a screen size of about 10.1 inches.

Pressure Sensitivity

Preferably look for tablets with 2048 pressure levels or above as these help capture not just the motion of the S pen but also information with regards to the amount of pressure applied. While Huion tablets offer 2048 pressure levels, Samsung tablets and Wacom tablets offer higher pressure levels.


Tablets with control buttons on the S pen save up on time while allowing you to access your settings or shortcuts without having to navigate from the screen every time.

Now that we have a fair idea of what a graphics tablet should ideally have, let us take a look at a few good graphics tablets to unleash your creative streak:

  • Wacom Intous Draw

This one is perfect for entry-level digital artists.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 1024

  • Huion Inspiroy G10T

Being slim-built, this one is highly portable.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 2048

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

Perfect for tracing and vectorizing illustrations, this Wacom tab makes for great hi-res images.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 8192

  • Ugee 1910B

This one is affordable, tilt-able, and comes with two S pens.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 2048

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This Samsung tablet is loaded with a number of in-built drawing apps.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 4096

  • Artist 22E XP-Pen

This one comes with a rechargeable pen but is sadly not multi-touch.

Pressure Sensitivity Level: 2048

  • Apple iPad Pro

While it has great accuracy, the Apple iPad Pro, unlike the Wacom and Samsung tablet, does not come with the S Pen.

So, pick the one you liked the most and give wings to your creativity.

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